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Payment Options and Insurance Information

NW Surgical Oncology works with a variety of different insurance companies to help you get the treatment you need.

The following is a list of the insurance companies we currently work with:

List them here.

If your insurance company isn't listed here, services from NW Surgical Oncology will fall under an out of network benefit.

What if I don't have any insurance?

We recognize that many people in need of medical treatment are either without insurance or without adequate resources to deal with a medical crisis. To this end, NW Surgical Oncology has a sliding scale fee to help those in need of this option. This scale is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines determined by the US government.

Click to see Sliding Fee Chart.

If you have any questions about how to read this chart or what your eligibility may be, please talk to our office staff who will gladly answer any of your questions. They can also assist you with the needed paperwork if you think you qualify for reduced rates.


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